Make it a great day


Many people live their lives in a way that they think that they can not control how the day will end up… Wrong!

We can turn all the negative energy into positive, maybe it is not always easy but yes we can!

Like Tony Robbins says, try to feel really down, in a bad mood at the same time as you are smiling! This is one of the examples that shows that you can change your way of experiencing the day. If you start to feel down, put your head high, stand up straight, smile and start to think about something that makes you feel good. I promise you, if you walk around like that, people will turn around and look at you because you will be shining of good energy!

And why not give compliments to people you think need it? When you are walking on the street, give the person passing you by a smile, and you will see that they will change their face expression and smile back!

If someone is rude to you, do not take it personal. Remember that they might not know that they can control their emotions, to turn everyday into a great day!

If you get upset, try to find a solution instead of thinking about the problem. Ask for advice how to solve the problems if there are any, between you and someone else. Do not make someone feel like they are shrinking as a person, make them feel greater. If they say something you do not agree with, do not tell them that they are wrong… Tell them that you have heard another version and in that way you two might find the answer together.

And listen, listen to people and then talk. Ask questions if you do not understand, and do not judge. Why not ask questions until you have their perspective of a subject? You might learn something from it.

Have a great day, and if not, make it a great day!

“A day without a laughter is a day wasted”- Charlie Chaplin

Here are some books if you like to read:

Stephen Covey, The 7 habits of highly effective people

Dale Carnegie, How to win friends and influence people




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