Independent but together

Together Building PeopleGreat, in the middle of the week and we are so excited!

So to be a part of Get Fit Together is for you, if you want to work independently but always have a close connection with like-minded.

A team is important because the majority of the people do not think like we do, or they do not dare to think like we do. “You can’t win if you’ve already lost in your mind”.

We are the ones who want a change, and we are ready to work for it, but not for someone else who gets more out of our effort than ourselves. We work together and support each other to find our personal goals and interests. What is bringing us together is the mind-set. We are independent people but we love to help others and to be social.

What makes us different from the majority is that we can not settle with average, that we should be happy to be alive, have a job and somewhere to live. We want more, we want to be the best, do the best, see the best, enjoy the most, have fun and laugh!

Personally, I think, that the majority of people would love to think like that, but they are scared. They call it silly or childish..because they need to come up with a word that makes those thoughts sound impossible or boring. Or they feel that there are so many people who live in poverty so why should we who have the chance take it…? Why not take the chance so we can be able to help those in need?

There are also people who feel that they do not have a purpose in life…to be taught to go to school, get good grades, have a job etc. tricks the mind to think that this is the purpose of life…

If we want to find a purpose in life why  not find our personal purpose?

Yesterday I listened to a audio/video and there they said, “the poor will always have bigger problems than themselves and the rich will always be bigger than their problems”. You see… we can choose to find a problem or something negative about everything everywhere if we want to. We can also choose to see something positive and look for the solution to every problem we have. We can always complain about “why does this happen to me” or we can think “well, let’s try it in this way instead”. To be rich or wealthy is not only about the money it is about how we live and think about life.

If you see someone who is wealthy, why think that the person “probably has too much money” What is too much? Who gave you the right to tell someone else that they have too much of something? Why not ask them what they do instead? Or why should it be boring to travel wherever you want? Why not want but always wish?

This is why a team is important! We have to stay together because the more people who join the more people will notice and start to wonder.

Let’s get together, spread the knowledge and give the opportunity to live a life where people help people!





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