To go your own way!

When will you make the decision to go for your dreams?

Have you ever thought, “oh that would be nice to do” but you are always wishing, because you feel it is too far to jump over to the other side…

You know why it feels so far away? It is not to jump to the other side. It is to be able to say to yourself or put yourself in a situation where YOU are important. To show yourself that YOU count, that you deserve to fight for your dreams, that you deserve to live your life on your conditions.

The thing is, once you have taken that decision it is done, then it is just to continue climbing until you have reached the top. It might not be easy but actually to just take a decision, is not that hard. A decision does not happen over time, a decision you make in a moment. You think the decision is the hard task, when it is just saying to yourself “LET’S DO IT!”. But you make it hard because you are afraid that you do not deserve it.

To stand up straight, raise your head high, see (visualize) that you are in the place or do what you want to do, that is not difficult. But that the wishing part is over, that you have to believe in it, believe in yourself that you deserve it,  believe that you are worth it…that is what is hard to accept.

We are growing up in a society where we get taught for so many years during so many hours a day, that we should not believe that we can do whatever we want. “We were born to make others succeed but not ourselves… ” It is not bad to help others, it is amazing, but just as much as you help other you should help yourself.

The society is changing, the jobs are changing, to work for someone else, live on the government, that is not working anymore. We are in the 21th century, it is time to make a change in the history. It is time to show that everything is changing all the time, nothing will ever stay the same so why should the mindset of the society stay the same?


To love yourself, and show for yourself that you ARE important, and that you have the right to think about yourself and do what is important for you. That is not selfish! It is necessary, if you feel good about yourself, and do what you really love to do then you know how to help others. Then you really know how to make others feel better, then you know how it looks like when someone is feeling great. But if you do not think you deserve to feel good, if you are just feeling sorry about the world and how life is…then you do not really know how to help someone truly. Because if you have not experienced how it is to feel great, or proud of yourself then you do not really know what you are trying to do for others. Then you will just know about what other says it should look like…

So start with yourself and then you can help others to do the same. Start with yourself so you know how it is to go through that journey. Because we can not change others, but we can change ourselves!

Give yourself a compliment everyday, walk like you reached the top of the mountain at least ones a day, smile to yourself and stop being afraid of something you have not even experienced yet.

Check out this video about being afraid when it is not necessary, and make a decision!



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