We started this project, Gft, because we were feeling that it was time for a change, in the network marketing business world. A lot of people who enter network marketing think it is only about selling, and since it is more than that Martin came up with the idea to make this project.

Gft are training together (self-defense, general training etc.) supporting each other, building up the self-confidence and giving some tips in how we are living our healthy life-style. At the same time we are doing network marketing together! The more people who join the more possibilities we all will have!

When joining this group of people, you will be a part of a entrepreneur team with a lot of potential. If you are not living in Barcelona you will be able to have Hangout (google)/skype chats, you can share your experiences in our forum or call!

We want to make this worldwide because this life-style opportunity should be offered to as many people as possible!