More energy!

To change your life into the life that you want is hard. It is hard because you will start to realize that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. And they might be the ones who are stopping you from becoming the one you want to be, and have the life you want to have. It is hard because you have to stop doing what everybody else is doing, and start going your own way. But as long as you do it with excitement and power, people will start to turn around and get curious!

A lot of people are stuck in a life they did not choose, they “happen to end up in it”. But the fact is that something in the society should change. We are not living in the 19th or 20th century anymore, so then our lives should not look the same either. To live a “good”  life you should do the things that you love.

So to make this change and get excited of what is coming, turn all that negative energy around you into positive! Get excited because you are going to get what you want! You are going to have control and unlimited opportunities!

Be full of energy because then no one can drag you down, and eventually people will start to look up. If you are continuing straight forward with all your energy, positive thinking, an open mind, and excitement, people will want to feel the same.

People are scared of the unknown but think about it…What is the worst thing that can happen? Live a life with no limits, or live a life where everything seems impossible…?

Do what you love, and you will get excited to go to work and you will be just as excited having a day off!

You can help people live a better life; As you inspire, you will get inspired; become happy by creating happiness.

To forget your passion, because of having too much stress and too much work to do…is not living. You have one life, so live it and feel it!

You see, you can not change the world but you can change yourself.



Do not stop


It is hard but it is worth it. What you have to do is to grow as a person and change your perspective of yourself, and it does not happen in a day!

This sounds easy at first, but what it is all about is actually making you realize who you are as a person. And it is hard. Who do you want to become and why? You might want everything to work out immediately but if you do not really know yourself, how can anybody else get to know you…? You have to become what you want to achieve.

Some tips:
Write down how you want your life to be in 12 months and then in 2-3 years! Not only what you will have but who you will be as a person, and why you will have what you want! Start to meet people and listen to them instead of talking, and see the difference between a “normal” life and the life that you want. Because what is a normal life? A normal life is the life you want to live. So what is wrong with starting to live it now, although you have not achieved all those things you want, yet. If you do not start to live the life you want, today, then when will you live that life? How will you know when you are living it? Write down the feelings you will have by living the life you dream of, and read your notes about it everyday.



What is your dream?

A-Line-Between-Success-and-Failure-750x750What is it that you really want to do in life?
Some people do not understand that question..their answer is “well, I think I could work with HR or computers”.
It is great if you have that type of interest, but what would you do if you could go anywhere, do anything, whenever you wanted to?

What were your dreaming of when you were a kid, and why don’t you want to do it today?

Have you forgotten what your passion is? Or do you think that you do not have one?

Are you living a life where you are probably saying “well, I really loved to do that before, but then “life” came in the way and I do not have time for it anymore.” Why should you be okay with living a life where you have to sit down and think for a while before you know what you actually love to do? Then you are forgetting yourself…


What if you could start building up the possibility to be able to do what you love, your passion, little by little everyday until you would live it. Is it possible? Of course it is, you just have to start prioritizing yourself.

If you do not wake up in the morning feeling excited over what you will do during the day…then you need a change. But if you want a change you have to change. Then you have to work a little everyday to get one step closer to reach your goal.
People around you might not like changes, but that is because they have stopped dreaming, forgotten themselves and are thinking that there are limits of what you can achieve in life.

If you take care of yourself and feeling good, imagine what you can do for others when you know what that feels like! Appreciate yourself.

There is a difference between working alone, and working together but independently. To be able to go your own way and find you passion, is possible without feeling lonely. We were meant to live together and work together so why not support each other. Join the group of people who all want the same, reaching their own personal goals. If you want a change you are not alone. Once you have made a decision everything will change.

Do not be afraid of being yourself or showing everyone who you really are. Be afraid of never allowing yourself to set free. To always wish but never live it, have it or see it. To be the only one thinking big in a group of people who are thinking small, that is lonely.

Yes you have to be independent, but independent doesn’t mean lonely.  “Because alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much”  – Helen Keller

That one day or someday will never come if you are just waiting for the right moment, you have to start working on it. Success is living your life fully, so go on and make it happen. Change that “someday” to “one day”, or that “one day” to a specific year and date. And make sure that everyday you are getting one step closer.




To go your own way!

When will you make the decision to go for your dreams?

Have you ever thought, “oh that would be nice to do” but you are always wishing, because you feel it is too far to jump over to the other side…

You know why it feels so far away? It is not to jump to the other side. It is to be able to say to yourself or put yourself in a situation where YOU are important. To show yourself that YOU count, that you deserve to fight for your dreams, that you deserve to live your life on your conditions.

The thing is, once you have taken that decision it is done, then it is just to continue climbing until you have reached the top. It might not be easy but actually to just take a decision, is not that hard. A decision does not happen over time, a decision you make in a moment. You think the decision is the hard task, when it is just saying to yourself “LET’S DO IT!”. But you make it hard because you are afraid that you do not deserve it.

To stand up straight, raise your head high, see (visualize) that you are in the place or do what you want to do, that is not difficult. But that the wishing part is over, that you have to believe in it, believe in yourself that you deserve it,  believe that you are worth it…that is what is hard to accept.

We are growing up in a society where we get taught for so many years during so many hours a day, that we should not believe that we can do whatever we want. “We were born to make others succeed but not ourselves… ” It is not bad to help others, it is amazing, but just as much as you help other you should help yourself.

The society is changing, the jobs are changing, to work for someone else, live on the government, that is not working anymore. We are in the 21th century, it is time to make a change in the history. It is time to show that everything is changing all the time, nothing will ever stay the same so why should the mindset of the society stay the same?


To love yourself, and show for yourself that you ARE important, and that you have the right to think about yourself and do what is important for you. That is not selfish! It is necessary, if you feel good about yourself, and do what you really love to do then you know how to help others. Then you really know how to make others feel better, then you know how it looks like when someone is feeling great. But if you do not think you deserve to feel good, if you are just feeling sorry about the world and how life is…then you do not really know how to help someone truly. Because if you have not experienced how it is to feel great, or proud of yourself then you do not really know what you are trying to do for others. Then you will just know about what other says it should look like…

So start with yourself and then you can help others to do the same. Start with yourself so you know how it is to go through that journey. Because we can not change others, but we can change ourselves!

Give yourself a compliment everyday, walk like you reached the top of the mountain at least ones a day, smile to yourself and stop being afraid of something you have not even experienced yet.

Check out this video about being afraid when it is not necessary, and make a decision!


Make it a great day


Many people live their lives in a way that they think that they can not control how the day will end up… Wrong!

We can turn all the negative energy into positive, maybe it is not always easy but yes we can!

Like Tony Robbins says, try to feel really down, in a bad mood at the same time as you are smiling! This is one of the examples that shows that you can change your way of experiencing the day. If you start to feel down, put your head high, stand up straight, smile and start to think about something that makes you feel good. I promise you, if you walk around like that, people will turn around and look at you because you will be shining of good energy!

And why not give compliments to people you think need it? When you are walking on the street, give the person passing you by a smile, and you will see that they will change their face expression and smile back!

If someone is rude to you, do not take it personal. Remember that they might not know that they can control their emotions, to turn everyday into a great day!

If you get upset, try to find a solution instead of thinking about the problem. Ask for advice how to solve the problems if there are any, between you and someone else. Do not make someone feel like they are shrinking as a person, make them feel greater. If they say something you do not agree with, do not tell them that they are wrong… Tell them that you have heard another version and in that way you two might find the answer together.

And listen, listen to people and then talk. Ask questions if you do not understand, and do not judge. Why not ask questions until you have their perspective of a subject? You might learn something from it.

Have a great day, and if not, make it a great day!

“A day without a laughter is a day wasted”- Charlie Chaplin

Here are some books if you like to read:

Stephen Covey, The 7 habits of highly effective people

Dale Carnegie, How to win friends and influence people



I can do it!


How to start to feel that you can do it!

When you choose to do something not many people in your surroundings have done, you can feel insecure. People start questioning your decision and doubting your plans. Or they go and tell you some stupid joke that can make you feel, that you have made the wrong decision.

Just because other people are afraid of dreaming big or afraid of actually starting to work their way towards their dreams, does not mean that you should be one of them! The society teaches us to limit our expectations, to not be too happy, to not be too loud, to not show too much confidence. Why? Well that is a question that no one has an answer for right? “It’s just the way it is”.
Start with yourself, start believe in yourself! When you wake up every morning, why not go and stand in front of the mirror, smile and look at yourself and say something you usually think that you are not/you can not do. Let’s say it 10 times. But do not just say it quiet and with your shoulders down, put your head high, smile and say it with power even though you do not feel that excited, just do it! For example, tell yourself “I can reach my goals” or “I am strong” or “I am beautiful” with a big smile.

If you feel insecure about your decision but you still can not let it go, why not start with this easy morning exercise everyday? I believe that if you do this every morning, you will soon start to feel, day by day, more confident about just that one thing you tell yourself you are/can do every morning.

When I started to do this, in the beginning it was actually hard to even say the words to myself, but I continued every morning. Until one day, I stood in front of the mirror and looked at myself and just felt that proud feeling of myself. I said the sentence, with a big smile, the head high and I just felt it! Nowadays I do not say a sentence to myself every morning, I just feel it. But if I am about to do something and I start to feel nervous, I go to the mirror, look at myself, and tell myself just the opposite of that one thing I feel I am not, at that moment. I put a big smile, keep my head high and I go and do it. The results are great everytime!

Check out this video about how you can change your way of feeling!